Whomever wants to shape the future should understand the world

Many people have the same dreams; we can make these dreams reality. We can achieve this because we are inter-connected and bring together our expertise and know-how. Whether commissioned or for our own developments, our engineers analyze and develop with passion.


raising standards – finding out the future

In our Swiss laboratory and together with our partner institutes, we are looking for solutions according to society’s goals. Our focus is on technology: developing innovative new products and developing energy-saving solutions by using more efficiently certified technologies. By using the collaborative possibilities through Internet and modern visualization methods such as 3D printing technology, we have the possibility to produce fast, uncomplicated and inexpensive projects, from the stage of ideas until the achievement of complex innovations.


raising standards – developing next generation products

We have ideas, visions and a lot of creative potential. These are our tools. Together with our partners, we develop diverse systems, products and services for long-standing innovations. For the production of prototypes and special parts, we are using our machine park and the latest technologies developed by the professional partners of our company. The uniqueness of the partnership is that allows us to find the right experts for every project.

Smart minds are always welcomed! Do you have an excellent Master's Degree in Engineering/Chemistry or Engineering? Want to work in a fully state-of-the-art laboratory and develop new concepts? Then please send us your full documentation electronically to: jobs [at] raising-standards.org or contact a representative of the Association.