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Everything we do, we do it with passion and based on our expertise. So it is suitable that many people join us and the advantages that are enjoyed at multiple levels: people, the environment and society. raising standards is your partner in all matters in which quality, trust and professionalism are required.

raising standards - just the best for you

We create ethical win-win situations for our partners, at home and abroad, and for all those developing high-quality concepts and technologies. With passion and conscious responsibility we work together towards a common aim.

Raising standards stands both as a lifestyle and philosophy. For us, it is also a mission and a vision. As an association, we find the right expert for every innovation, because we don’t have any competitors, only partners.

Raising standards provides free independent consulting for small private projects in all core competences. Ask us for more details!


raising standards – let’s get visible

Raising standards is our official trademark. It guarantees that products or services offered are manufactured according to the highest European quality standards. We try our best to support optimal life standards, awareness towards sustainable environment and responsible consumption. Would you like to share our ideals? You can achieve this in many ways. It is important that each final product is considered as an integral unit; and, the consumer is offered products according to the highest quality. Only then do we certify the product.

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