Aim of the Swiss association

The association supports its members in the implementation of their ideas and visions which are aimed at increasing the technical and social standards through mutual collaboration. It combines the different knowledge and resources of the members to the benefit of all stakeholders. Every member brings in his specific expertise which is a new point of view as a valuable contribution to the entire project. Through its infrastructure, the association allows members who work in competing firms, to work together and raise the standards. Foremost, the ideas of the association and not just the benefit to competing corporations is what is important.

As a Swiss trust partner, raising standards also offers its members escrow and notary functions, so that our partners can conduct their business without risk at any time. We also check any technologies and provide independent advice. Whether digital forensics for blockchain systems or energy measurements in your home, we will not let you down! 

Projects implemented according to the ideals of raising standards, receive a raising-standard label.

Ideals of the Swiss association

The association always acts ecologically, economically and socially in what it considers the best interest. It aims at questioning existing systems and offering solutions based on sustainability. The optimization can be of technological, social and organizational nature. As a main objective, the association deals with aspects of energy saving; but, also aims to improve the quality of services and creating products that give pleasure to the users


Benefits for partners

  • Independent consulting with a practical material rather than profit-based orientation
  • Interdisciplinary competence
  • A central point of contact for all technologies
  • A source of first-hand information for innovations
  • Access to escrow and notary services (according to Swiss law)
  • Digital forensics (Coin forensics in blockchain systems, Hacker prevention and data recovery)